Black Talent TV's Philip Hernandez interviews Tamara and filmmaker, Britt Banks, regarding journey, their upcoming feature film, Nightmares Are Dreams Too, and advice they have for aspiring actors and filmmakers.


In the wake of Jordan Peele's Us premiere, film reporter Jordan Simon delves into the rarity of 'A Night at the Table' and reminds us of the resurgence of black art in an array of genres.

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Ashlee and AFIF Founder, Tamara S. Hall, delve into a deep conversation about the pliability of the horror genre and the human breaking points it allows filmmakers to embrace, subsequently venturing off into a self-reflective discussion regarding Tamara's 'activism through art.' 

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Author and editor, Lisa D. DeNeal, has an energy-filled conversation with our Founder, Tamara S. Hall, about her inspiration behind A Flower in Fire, our upcoming films, and the significance of black women using their voices in a male-dominated industry.


Founder and Executive Producer, Tamara S. Hall, is honored as one of ten Producers in Black Talent's 2019 "10 Best Producers List."


Founder and Executive Producer, Tamara S. Hall, has an intimate conversation with Black Talent TV host, Symone Jackson, about the challenges of filmmaking, mental health, and what's to come from A Flower in Fire Productions.

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