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Only one thing can fulfill her. It isn't food.

A young woman still struggling with heartbreak following a recent breakup finds the courage to go on her first date in months, only to learn that her newfound love interest has been holding on to a date-shattering secret.


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Ayanda is a filmmaker with roots in Toronto, Ontario. While growing up, she experimented in the arts and fell in love with social justice work, often marrying those two passions for political protest and expression. Ayanda made her directorial debut at 16 with Black Beauty in the White Gaze, which earned her the Adobe Youth Voices Scholarship and was screened at The Future Is Feminist Film Festival, among others. 

"Working on Appetizer was a breath of fresh air for me. I live to illustrate stories that humanize and individualize young Black women on screen."



Before becoming a filmmaker, Tamara has worked in the TV business at renowned networks such as NBCUniversal, BET, and currently - HBO. She is the Writer of Appetizer and also plays the lead role of "Charley," the story's protagonist.

"I wanted to create a story that was reflective of the dating life I actually experience as well as the dating lives of the many young women around me. I love living vicariously through Romantic Comedies, but I felt that it was time to see a story where I could vicariously live through the happiness within myself."


Director of Photography

Nakia Rae Scott, a Manhattan native, is a film editor and camera operator who is a graduate from Digital Film Academy in New York and has learned all aspects of digital filmmaking from script to screen. She has worked on numerous sets as Assistant Camera and Director of Photography. She also currently is working freelance as an Assistant editor who has created and overseen numerous projects for digital media. Filmmaking has always been her passion and she is working hard to achieve the goals she has envisioned for herself.

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Kierra Nocho - Associate Producer - Copy
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Originally from Chicago, Illinois, Kyla is an actress, writer, and producer on the rise. In addition to Appetizer, she has produced the short film, The Way Out, which is currently in post-production, along with the web series Finding Our Way, which she also wrote and co-starred in. 

"It’s rare that we get to see black women be vulnerable and hopeful, while still being strong and smart. We are multifaceted beings and I feel like this film shows that in a very concise and beautiful way.”


Associate Producer

Kierra is a Penn State graduate and a Philadelphia native. She finds joy and purpose in the art of acting and film. She also finds purpose in healing efforts and promoting positive mental health! Kierra hopes to further her career as an actress and wellness advocate to expose continuous love and truth to the world.

"For me, Appetizer was revolutionary." 


Wardrobe Designer

A native of Philadelphia, Precious has always gravitated towards the arts. After graduating from Temple University, she lived by the phrase “The world is your oyster.” From 2015, she explored her love for fashion in personal styling, blogging, and the retail industry, which rocketed her career to living in New York City and the DC area. 


"The imagery that is painted in every word, describes the story of falling in love in modern day. Being 20-something, Appetizer pulls an emotion of trying to have faith in trusting in love while securing that your heart doesn’t get broken in the process.



Malcolm began working as an actor out of his pure love for the arts. He’s always enjoyed performing and entertaining others thus following his graduation from college, he decided to make acting his full-time career. Since then, he’s made appearances on both the big and small screens, working hard to develop his skills with each passing day. He makes it a point to remember that without God, none of this could be possible. He has given him the talent, work ethic, and tools to become successful through his craft.

Malcolm plays the lead role of Elijah, Charley's love interest.


A graduate of Temple University in Philadelphia, Maurita Salkey has been in the entertainment industry for over three years. After a short stint with CBS radio, Maurita took a leap of faith and moved to Los Angeles. While in LA, Maurita worked with The Shade Room, Lionsgate Entertainment and in casting for the hit show on Fox, Beat Shazam. Maurita also dipped back into her passion for acting and booked a series of gigs in feature films and web series.

After living in LA for a year, Maurita got the opportunity of a lifetime to work back in NYC at VH1 and MTV in Current Series and Development for all the franchises such as Love and Hip Hop, Black Ink Crew, and new development projects. Maurita has also worked in production for award shows such as the BET Honors and BET Hip Hop Awards and has contributed to sites such as Revolt TV and Hot 97. 


As a child growing up, Monica has always been interested in acting. However, it wasn’t until her senior year of high school when she broke out of her shell and landed the role as the “Fairy Godmother” in the Cinderella musical. Moving forward into her college career, she continued to fuel her acting interests by performing in MainStage productions year after year. However,  it wasn’t until a year after graduating that she decided to become a full-time actor.

She is currently in New York pursuing her acting and modeling dreams and gets excited with each acting opportunity that arises because no two are ever the same. She continues to work at her craft and enjoy the growth of each step of this wonderful journey.


Latresa Baker graduated from the New York Conservatory of Dramatic Arts where she received intensive film and television acting training. She is a certified TV producer at MNN. 

Throughout her professional career, Latresa has received a Best Performance Award for her leading role as Marley, an aspiring MMA fighter with a family dispute to settle in "Arm Bar" and her leading role in the 1960's short film, "Sanctuary."  She has also co-produced and stars in “MrJayV” Comedy Series, "Ms. Monologue," and "Pounds New York" online series. 

A native of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, Latresa currently resides in New York City as a working actress and freelance producer with her production company, Millennial Renaissance Studios.


Created by Tyler Kidd (@tylerckidd)

Appetizer is not a romantic comedy that ends in the traditional fairytale. It is a story that depicts modern-day dating and the anxieties surrounding it in a real light. It is a story that showcases this anxiety through the lens of every character that interacts with Charley, the story’s protagonist, and underlines the effects that modern-day dating has on the psyche of the millennial woman.

Charley is a woman who knows what she wants but at the cost of it fitting into, what she feels, is the necessary standard for women in society, which is to embrace dating with the intent of it always progressing into a relationship. This story teaches her--and hopefully the audience as well--that taking that time in between dating is necessary and important to the finding of oneself, the healing of oneself, and the fulfillment of oneself. It is the fairytale --about yourself.

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