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Not Everyone Invited is Here for Dinner.

A mother prepares food for a seemingly normal family night dinner, but as the conversation between her and her kids grow more peculiar, tension mounts between the three, unveiling a lurking threat at the table.


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Before becoming a filmmaker, Tamara has worked in the TV business at renowned networks such as NBCUniversal, BET, and HBO. She is the Writer+Director of ANATT and also plays the lead role of "Sherell," Sherry's daughter. ANATT is Tamara's directorial debut.

"I wanted to create an intimate, yet chilling story that encapsulated the internal struggle a mother experiences after the loss of a child."


Director of Photography

Ty has been in the film business for 10 years. He’s worked on critically-acclaimed shows, films, and documentaries such as Hulu’s Fyre Fraud and Jay-Z’s executive produced documentaries, Rest in Power: The Trayvon Martin Story and TIME: The Kalief Browder Story.

"I love mystery. I also enjoy working with black women because it makes you a better filmmaker. There aren’t enough black women filmmakers and their voices need to be heard."


Assistant Director

Jhe is a NY-based screenwriter and filmmaker from South Florida. She began to write herself in stories where she was a heroine, a warrior, even a knight (because who said girls couldn't be knights, too) and eventually attended the Miami Dade College for Film Production and the Southern New Hampshire University for Screenwriting. 

"We don't have a lot of Black women in the thriller and horror genre. Or, I should say, we get often overlooked. When I read the script, I was in awe with how beautiful Tamara portrayed a mother's scorn. The symbolism, the minute dialogue, and the imagery were spectacular."

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Casting Director

Kiara is a freelance casting director, writer, and producer. She has a degree in Communication from William Paterson University and has casted shorts, music videos and a web series. 

"A Night at the Table was exciting to cast because it challenged all of us to dig deep, and really give that extra push that I think is reflected through all the hard work it took to put it together."


Still Photographer

Makeda is a portrait/editorial photographer, culture writer, and social media manager based in New York. She studied journalism + African studies in college, and self-taught all things creative. She is spunky, inquisitive, and deeply interested in exploring concepts of intersecting identity, femininity, fashion, beauty, youth and the Black American + African diaspora experience. She freelance writes culture & music journalism, and is getting her feet wet in the film industry.



Dierdra was born in Brooklyn, NY with Panamanian roots. Being the first American born in her family, they often joked about her "celebrity status." Dierdra has had guest star appearances in current television shows such as POWER, Odd Mom Out, and Mr. Robot.

"A Night at the Table is an excellently written horror story that deals with the sensitive issues such as pain of loss and the struggle of  forgiveness. I play Sherry, the mother in the film. I loved being able to play on her dual personality traits..that part was so much fun!"


David was raised in Queens, NY. He studied at Humanity Studios and Primary Stages where he trained with Shae Dylan and Geoffrey Owens. He's starred in The Jump-off, a short film by award-winning Director Jovan James, the award-winning web series Mistakes, the Lifetime movie, High School Lover, Pretenders, directed by James Franco, and Tough Love web series, which was nominated for Outstanding Digital Daytime Drama Series at the 2017 Daytime Emmy's.

“I think ‘A Night at the Table’ could easily be pitched as a feature. I feel that it was an inside look on the true feelings/desires of a mother to a child that has been carelessly slain due to gun violence.”


Keith Dorman began his career as a child actor in New York City in the 1980's. He's appeared in over 15 commercials and television shows such as 'Kate & Allie,' 'The Cosby Show,' 'As the World Turns, and 'Gotham.' His most recent Off-Broadway stage appearances were in, "Beethoven's Hair" at the American Theatre for Actors, and, "My Name is Sam," at the Manhattan Repertory Theatre.

“One of the most enjoyable aspects of working on, "A Night at the Table," was watching the interaction between Director, Tamara Hall, and Cinematographer, Ty Stone. Each had a vision and watching those two visions merge to create the milieu, that truly makes this film unique, was like watching magic happen.”


Christian is a passionate actress. She began her career doing various plays and films. When Christian is not on set, she loves reading, dance, fashion, and gymnastics but most of all she loves to spend time with her family and friends.


Kimberly Marie Freeman and her twin sister, Sarah Freeman, were born on July 10th, 2007. Kimberly is an actress, model, and dancer known for A Night At The Table (2019), A&C New York (2017-2018), and Even Like This (2018). She began her career modeling and transitioned into acting. She is now signed to Apollo Talent Management. When Kimberly is not performing, she is a full-time student who enjoys art and calligraphy.


Sarah and her twin sister Kimberly were born on July 10, 2007. They are most know for Even Like This (2019) and A&C New York (2017-2018). Sarah began her career modeling and transitioned to acting in various plays and films. Sarah and Kimberly shared the lead role in the short, Even Like This, and continue to act and model. When Sarah isn't acting or modeling, she enjoys singing and dancing as well.


Jaeden Antonelli is an actress born February 2, 2009. She began her career as an actress at 3 1/2 and is starting to love Modeling. She has had various roles. When she isn't acting she is playing softball and basketball.


Bryce was born on January 12, 2011 in Philadelphia, PA. He is the oldest of three boys. When Bryce is not on the screen he enjoys football, reading, and playing Fortnite. A Night at the Table is Bryce's acting debut.


Designed by Amanda Corbett (@amandaleighcorbett)

A Night at the Table is a passion project birthed out of the frustration about the lack of multifaceted roles for women of color and is inspired by a black mother's pain/grief, Tamara's own grandmother, & mothers who lose their kids. It explores the theme of forgiveness as it relates to black mothers in the Black community and also seeks to unpack how this demographic of mothers are allowed to grieve. 

With ANATT, we would love to continue the extremely important dialogue currently happening around black women and their pain. How black women are often ignored as it relates to their experience with pain: be it in an emergency room preparing to give birth or after experiencing a loss of any kind. It's so timely and something that we are not talking about enough. 

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